Loro Parque Zoo and Theme Park Tenerife


Avoid long queues to enter the zoo and get you ticket here in advance paying the same than in the park. You can use our ticket the day that you want!


  • Access to Loro Parque from 8:45 until 18:45 365 days.

Children age range:

  • Between 6 and 11 years old.
  • Kids less than 6 years old are admitted free in Loro Parque.
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From 38€
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Avoid long queues to enter the zoo and get you ticket in advance paying the same than in the park. You can use our ticket the day that you want!

Loro Park was born more than 40 years ago and was designed to admire the different exotic species of Parrots existing in the world, but little by little it has been enlarging its territory and adding a great variety of animals improving each year and … it does not seem to have an end date . Inspired by Thai architecture, it is also attractive and beautiful for all its visitors.

Behind this Asian design, Loro Parque is an environment that tries to resemble the environmental conditions most appropriate to the nature of its residents. For this reason, and for preserving the lifeline, many times the biology professionals works very hard to adjust the diet and improving the atmospheric conditions to their lifestyle, ensuring that all animals have a mature partner, and if this is not possible, they would be transferred to a natural reserve.

The most striking is without a doubt the shows that it offers and, therefore, the ability to leave the audience fascinated: Orcas that transmit strength and balance, trapeze dolphins, playful seals and comedy parrots are the main attractions of this park.

Another of the achievements of Loro Parque is the “City of Pinguins”, through the glass that separates us we seem to be watching a documentary of National Geographic, because this space has the same climatic conditions as the North Pole itself!

In recent years they have been adding different spaces, we can enjoy the room of colored jellyfish, the incorporation of the “Red Panda”, the white tiger etc …

Considered the best park in the world for the second time in a row, this visit becomes a highly recommended experience.

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